• Touch Ups


    resin, plexiglass, paper

    This piece was a literal exploration of the idea of "touch ups" in the sense of both contemporary fashion standards, as well as the little things we do using things like online profiles and mobile communication to obscure and re-invent our identity. The pastel colors of this piece refer to way that social interaction affected by a lot of these "touch ups" can seem like white noise, bland and neutral. The figures sit within the devices, mirrors that refuse to look back or look up from their internal world.

  • Surface Mask


    resin, wood, acrylic

    A 3D ghost mask from the world of the Digital Affliction, this piece brings to life the characters of my ongoing photomontage series. These women bask in the perfection of the ideal of beauty, a symbol as perpetuated by the capitalist consumerist culture. They dream on unaware of the loss of individuality through the encouragement to mimic as perpetuated by this system, and thus burst into pixel-like, modular degeneration.

  • Surrogates


    saran wrap, packing tape, aluminum foil

    This piece was conceived for Urban Studio's Epicene exhibit at AGallery in Chelsea. The theme of the show was an exploration of gender issues. I wanted to work with unusual materials to create an ethereal, but haunting impression. I was thinking about all the different ways women's feet have been used as objects of beauty and idealism throughout history.

    Photos by myself and Garrett Klein
  • Transfigured


    crinkle wrap, cardboard tubing

    This project was conceived by members of the Urban Studio collective and created in one long day for the Seeking Space show, during Bushwick Open Studios 2010 at Talas. We wanted to experiment with refracting light and interrupt the viewer's experience of the space. We created physical abstractions of rays of light to achieve this result.

    Photos by Jillian Salik and Jennifer Vasquez
  • Square Spiral Silhouette


    masonite, plexiglass, acrylic

    This piece was created as an abstract visualization of the many contradictions of the human experience. It comes to a point but does not seem to have a beginning or end, with the refractions of light expanding it to infinity. It can be viewed as a method of cuasing the audience to ponder the continuity of an interconnected existence.